The Glasstream Advantage

The Glasstream Advantage – Creating center console boats that separate Glasstream Powerboats from the industry mediocrity first starts with having the finest craftsmanship; unparalleled boat building experience. Knowledge to know how to do things the right way. Talent to know how to do those things better. Courage to do the old things a new way. Founder and Designer A. L. Kirkland brought Glasstream Powerboats to the industry with these fundamental factors and made the brand what it is known to be today. In 1988 Kirkland invented the world’s first inverted, stepped hull for his race boat “Turn Of The Century.” Over 30 years later every modern performance boat uses a variation of the original design.

The only thing we ask of you is to experiencing boating the way it is intended to be. Glide your fingertips anywhere across one of the Glasstream models. Feel 100% hand-laid fiberglass construction, the luxury of the upholstery, the richness in the accents. Feel the clean design inside and out, all the way to the completely-finished bilges and underside of all doors, lids, and hatches. Bow to stern, port to starboard, above deck and below, everywhere you look and touch you’re experiencing the Glasstream Powerboats dream.

Are you aboard a boat, at the wheel of a high-performance luxury sports car, or inside a private jet? Questions you ask yourself as you tour our models and realize just how different Glasstream truly is from the competition.

Fuel Efficiency

We take pride in creating high-quality boats that meet the needs of boaters all across the country. Part of what makes our boats so outstanding is the superior fuel economy. A.L. Kirkland has put meticulous time and effort into creating a stepped hull that runs smoothly across the water, reducing drag and lifting the overall fuel-efficiency.

Just how efficient are our boats, and what does that mean to you, the boat owner? It means less money going into the tank, and more time spent cruising along in your favorite craft. If you are an angler, it also means you can go further in your boat, reaching distant fishing holes that many other boats may not be able to reach and at a much quicker speed.


Glasstream is once again leading the industry by providing its owners the peace-of-mind of a comprehensive manufacturer-backed 10-year hull warranty. Glasstream Powerboats are built to such a high standard that it’s only logical to back them for longer than other boat brands in the industry.

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March 22 2019
30th Annual Spring Show

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April 05 2019
Clearwater Boat Show

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April 05 2019
Long Island Boat Show

Doc Side Marine is blowing the Long Island Boat Show away again with their lineup of Glasstream models. Enjoy the […]

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