The Glasstream Advantage

In 1988 A.L. Kirkland invented the world’s first inverted, stepped hull for his race boat “Turn Of The Century.” Over 30 years later every modern performance boat uses a variation of the original design. The trademarked stepped hull radically improves handling and performance, reducing the amount of drag, initiating more lift. The end result is a very fast, dry and soft ride.

This hull series is fifth evolution. This hybrid design brings the best features of the Glasstreams bottom designs to the complete line-up, including super low drag co-efficiency, dynamic surface tension reduction and progressive hydrodynamic super cavitation generation design features on the stepped hull models. The near-perfect balance and strength of the boat translates into an incredibly stable, well- mannered platform.

The Forged Bond Process literally integrates the stringer assembly and the hull into a single one-piece structure, which is cured and inspected, next the process is repeated with the Cap or Deck Structure, resulting in a vessel which for all intents and purposes is lighter, stronger and more durable than ANY other.

A Class of Its Own

The Glasstream Powerboats’ state of the art design and building processes results in a stronger, better handling, lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient design. Forged bonded hull integration process results in a greatly strengthened and more rigid assembly, creating a near perfect strength to weight ratio. The exceptionally balanced craft absorbs impact and maintains structural integrity.

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

An Al Kirkland design is evident at first glance, each model is a fresh design and a product of over three decades of research and development. Glasstream boats are the most visually stimulating boats.The Glasstream Powerboats state of the art design and building processes result in a stronger, better handling, lighter, faster, more fuel-efficient design which offers much higher levels of capability in every category, including Cost to Purchase. When taken as a whole, the Cost Of Ownership of ANY Glasstream boat is significantly lower than any competitor vessel, and a much superior product in every way.


January 18 2018
Naples Boat Show

Palm Isle Marine will be showcasing new 2018 Glasstream Powerboat models and Boat Show Pricing you don’t want to miss!

January 18 2018
Nashville Boat Show

Leader Marine will showcasing the latest Glasstream Powerboats’ models at the Nashville Boat Show.

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